Ralph and Judy Kiracofe Hit's Brittanys Farmingdale, New Jersey

Road to the 2007 National Gun Dog Championship

Hit’s For Pete’s Sake

             There were only three pups in the litter born to “Brigadoon’s Sizzlin Sadie” owned by Paul and Ginny Snyder . Marsha and Joe Luisi’s “Ruff em up Bill ” standing at stud had given them 1st pick. Not needing a pup at the time and knowing that we were looking for a liver male, Marsha offered her pick of the litter to my husband Ralph. The liver pup he dubbed “Hits a Boy named Sioux” blossomed into a robust male, with a wonderful disposition and a 12 o’clock tail that never let down. As a two year old Marsha requested a breeding between her Judy dog (FC AFC Marjo’s Spirit of Hybrittin) and Sioux--- and The Good Lord smiled. The union resulted in the liver male we now call Pete (Hit’s for Pete’s Sake) named after trainer Extraordinaire Pete DeAngelis.

             Ten months later Sioux was taken from us in the same disastrous trailer fire that miraculously spared our Jack dog and Sioux’s son Pete. Barely six weeks had past when the black clouds began to part with Jack winning the 2005 Brittany National Shooting Dog Championship. The Pete pup, seven months old at the time of the fire was temporarily adopted by his namesake (Pete DeAngelis) and was returned some two years later. His words ring in my ear to this day! “I’m Taking him and asking you not to trial him until I say so! I want to make something really special out of this dog.”

And he surely did!

             As a puppy Pete never saw a puppy stake. He was never in a derby stake, and has never, let me emphasize NEVER caught a bird! He broke easily at nine months. Even as a two year old we agreed to run him only in a limited number of gun dog stakes to qualify him for the Shooting Dog Nationals.

             This past October in Ionia Michigan he put down the performance we have waited three years to see! He was quick, snappy, level headed, handled easily and stayed consistently forward. His five perfect finds showed spectacular style, intensity, and a tail set that I am sure had his father smiling down on him.

             And the Silver Lining Showed!

Needless to say we are elated, excited and extremely proud of the job he did and are looking forward to many more performances of the same caliber.

We would like to thank Marsha and Joe Luisi for requesting that breeding. Without it there would be no Pete.

Once again we would like to recognize and thank Pete DeAngelis for his expertise, dedication and hard work in the training of Pete, us and all our dogs.