Ralph and Judy Kiracofe Hit's Brittanys Farmingdale, New Jersey

BS-15050E29M-VPI OFA Excellent

AFC Hitís A Rocky Road

Hitís A Rocky Road

Marjoís Highest Bella

FC Hi Proof Bootlegger

NFC FC AFC Hi Proof Rumrunner

Bullet Proof II

Lester's Whiskey Talk

DC French's Bedroom Attire

NFC FC Bean's Blaze

DC Scipio's Little Chick

DC AFC Marjo's Slick Chick

FC Cody's Delta Connection

FC Blaze N Cody

Little Bay Breeze

CH Marjos's Smoking Brandy

DC AFC Marjo's Smoking Dynamo

Quail Lane's Grand Marnier

NGDC FC AFC Buckís Hit the Road Jack

FC AFC Hybrittin's Redd Man

FC AFC Hybrittin's Little Rick

FC Home Acres Risk

Bye Bye Derby Dawn

NGDC FC Hybrittin's Hot Pursuit


FC AFC Rimarda's Trademark

DC Hybrittin's Pride of Connie

Buck's Sugar Pop

FC Flatwood's Tiger HOF

FC Home Acres Risk

Nero's Roamin' Belle

Marjo's Star-Buck's

DC Marjo's Cisco Kidd

Marjo's Peppermint Patty